Release August 2008

ESUG has assembled a DVD-ROM with smalltalk systems, books and tutorials.

The DVD-R contains the following Smalltalk Systems as Test/Full/Non Commercial Version:

  • VisualWorks NC
  • VisualAge Smalltalk
  • Dolphin
  • Smalltalk/X
  • GnuSmalltalk
  • F-Script
  • Squeak
    • Squeak 3.9, 3.10, Pharo, Croquet and Sophie
    • Scratch and BotsInc
    • Demos of Plopp3D and Buccaneer
  • Ambrai Smalltalk
  • Gemstone
  • Strongtalk (with vm source!)
  • Self
  • over 4 GB of Smalltalk!

Also included: free out of print books, tutorials, lectures, columns, articles about smalltalk... and more.

For Squeak, a dedicated DVD is available. More information at http://squeak.org/Download/SqueakDVD/.

Buy the DVD

The DVD is available for $9.98 (worldwide shipping)

Payment is managed by PayPal, the DVDs are produced by swiftCD.

The DVD will be mailed within 48 business hours after we receive your order.

It's mailed via US Postal Service, using First Class/Air Mail.

Shipping via First Class mail usually takes 3-4 days for delivery in the US, and Airmail usually takes 4-7 days for delivery to non-US addresses. However, please allow 3 weeks for delivery (US addresses) and 4 weeks for delivery (non-US addresses).


As the Videos do not fit on the DVD, there is a special DVD with videos available: MediaDVD.