IWST Program

23 August 11h-12h30

  • Jan Kurs, Jan Vrany, Mohammad Ghafari, Mircea Lungu and Oscar Nierstrasz
    Optimizing Parser Combinators
  • Leonel Merino, Dominik Seliner, Mohammad Ghafari and Oscar Nierstrasz
    CommunityExplorer: A Framework for Visualizing Collaboration Networks
  • Fabio Niephaus, Dale Henrichs, Marcel Taeumel, Tobias Pape, Tim Felgentreff and Robert Hirschfeld
    smalltalkCI: A Continuous Integration Framework for Smalltalk Projects

  • Tomohiro Oda, Keijiro Araki and Peter Larsen
    ViennaTalk and Assertch: Building Lightweight Formal Methods Environments on Pharo 4
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  • Yuriy Tymchuk, Mohammad Ghafari and Oscar Nierstrasz
    When QualityAssistant Meets Pharo: Enforced Code Critiques Motivate More Valuable Rules

23 August Afternoon 14h-15h30

  • Nevena Milojković, Clément Béra, Mohammad Ghafari and Oscar Nierstrasz
    Inferring Types by Mining Class Usage Frequency from Inline Caches
  • Boris Spasojevic, Mohammad Ghafari and Oscar Nierstrasz
    The Object Repository - Pulling Objects out of the Ecosystem

  • Juan Pablo Sandoval Alcocer, Marcus Denker, Alexandre Bergel and Yasett Acurana.
    Dynamically Composing Collection Operations through Collection Promises

  • Stéphane Ducasse, Eliot Miranda and Alain Plantec
    Pragmas: Literal Messages as Powerful Method Annotations

  • Noury Bouraqadi and Dave Mason
    Mocks, Proxies, and Transpilation as Development Strategies for Web Development

24 August 11h-12h30

  • Brice Govin, Nicolas Anquetil, Arnaud Monegier and Stéphane Ducasse
    Clustering technique for conceptual clusters

  • Alidra Abdelghani and Mohamed Tahar Kimour
    Prototyping Software Product Lines analysis with Pharo
  • Steven Costiou, Mickaël Kerboeuf, Glenn Cavarlé and Alain Plantec
    Lub: a DSL for Dynamic Context Oriented Programming
  • Glenn Cavarlé, Alain Plantec, Steven Costiou and Vincent Ribaud
    Dynamic Round-Trip Engineering in the context of FOMDD

25 August 11h-12h30

  • Markiyan Rizun, Gustavo Santos, Stéphane Ducasse and Camille Teruel
    First class patterns for object matching
  • Vincent Blondeau, Nicolas Anquetil, Sylvain Cresson, Pascal Croisy and Stéphane Ducasse
    Test Selection with Moose In Industry - Impact of Granularity
  • Max Leske, Andrei Chiș and Oscar Nierstrasz
    A promising approach for debugging remote promises
  • Vincent Lesbros
    Chromatic and Harmonic Scales for Intuitive Sonographic Compositions
  • Thi Mai Anh Bui, Nick Papoulias, Mikal Ziane and Serge Stinckwich
    Explicit Composition Constructs in DSLs - The case of the epidemiological language Kendrick

25 August 2016 14h-15h30

  • Tim Felgentreff, Tobias Pape, Patrick Rein and Robert Hirschfeld
    How to Build a High-Performance VM for Squeak/Smalltalk in Your Spare Time: An Experience Report of Using the RPython Toolchain
  • Clement Bera
    A low Overhead Per Object Write Barrier for Smalltalk
  • Ronie Salgado
    Lowcode: Extending Smalltalk with C Types to Improve Performance
  • Alexandre Bergel
    Power and Energy Code Profiling in Pharo