Venue: Arts centre "Vooruit"

The main conference is hosted in the historical building of Arts centre "Vooruit", located in the Ghent city centre. Next to being an internationally renowned arts centre, hosting over 2000 activities with 275 000 visitors every year, Vooruit has a reputation in cultural entrepeneurship and utilization of new technologies to support its daily activities. Vooruit uses Smalltalk: the Yesplan Seaside-Smalltalk application originated at Vooruit to coordinate and handle the organization of all their events.


The talks of the main track will be held in the Domzaal, with room for up to 200 attendees in an auditorium setup. Lunch, coffee and conference registration will be situated in the magnificent Balzaal. Finally, the secondary track and space for informal gatherings or doing some personal work will be available in other rooms at Vooruit.

Vooruit has a publicly available wireless internet connection, which will be available to all attendees.