StyledTextEditor - Rich Text Editing with Styles

by Bernhard Pieber


The StyledTextEditor is a framework for rich text editing using styles as known from popular word processors like Microsoft Word. It features paragraph and character styles, allowing easy text formatting using styles only. Other features are numbered and bulleted list paragraph styles, support for images, and text completion using various glossaries. It is intended for applications where users need to work with rich text. The StyledTextEditor is developed in Cuis with the plan to eventually port it to Squeak and Pharo. The talk will present the currently implemented features, outline its design, unveil some of the challenges, and give an outlook on the roadmap.


Bernhard Pieber has over 20 years of experience in Smalltalk, half of it as a full-time Smalltalk developer in Smalltalk‘s heyday in the 1990s. Since 1997 he is a member of the Squeak community. He is the founder and owner of Software Generation, a small company specialised in custom software development and IT consulting. He holds a master‘s degree in Business Informatics from Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. He lives in Vienna, Austria.