Camp Smalltalk 2011

Camp Smalltalk is an optional extra to the ESUG conference. Not everyone who comes to the conference comes to Camp Smalltalk as well - but those who do have a great time pair-programming with experts on leading-edge open-source projects. As in past Camp Smalltalks, we also aim to have 'get started' tutorials on Smalltalk, Seaside and Agile Methods.

Camp Smalltalk runs on the Saturday and Sunday before the main conference (and, for the really keen, it continues in the intervals and evenings of the main conference). Turn up when you like and join a project or a 'get started' tutorial. The Camp shows lists of projects and people, and runs contact schemes, so newbies can get involved.

Camp Smalltalk 2011 projects and tutorials

This year's provisional list will appear nearer the time.

Past Camp Smalltalk projects have included:

  • web apps (photo-management, work-flow, ...)
  • cloud computing apps
  • code tools (refactorings, test coverage, debugging, ...)
  • database utilities
  • teaching tools

Details of some ongoing projects are on the Camp Smalltalk wiki.