Wolf pack programming

Presenters: Jason Ayers and Julian Fitzell

Cloud computing is this year’s hot topic. But what are the implications for application development? By moving the whole development environment to the cloud, it becomes possible to have a team of programmers working on the same live code base. This workshop aims to explore how such ‘wolf packs’ can successfully interact and whether this really is a step beyond agile’s much vaunted pair programming. The session is run using a cloud-based development environment. Within this environment it is possible for multiple people to jointly develop in a running Smalltalk image, with each team member updating the code. Is this going to make Continuous Integration servers look slow or will it lead to disaster? To evaluate the effectiveness of this approach, we will ask our wolf packs to complete a series of tasks following the wolf pack process.

Participants will have the chance to explore some of the impacts of taking a radical approach to application development for the cloud and to understand whether wolf pack programming provides a more effective form of team collaboration, when used within an agile methodology. It will stretch your thinking about pair programming and Continuous Integration.

Bio: Jason Ayers With 20 years working with Smalltalk and Agile techniques, Jason currently looks after the Smalltalk business in Europe and Africa for Cincom.

Julian Fitzell Best known as one of the creators and current maintainers of the Seaside web framework, Julian has recently joined Cincom as a consultant, where he is kept busy working with customers and feeding the wolves.