System Integration with VASERControl

Thomas Stalzer



VASERControl is a Smalltalk-based system to integrate various building automation protocols (e.g. KNX, DMX, DALI, miele@home, etc.) and visualize the information on different kind of software and hardware platforms (Browser, IPhone, Microsoft Surface, Gadget’s, etc.).

By using concepts similar to distributed Smalltalk, an interface layer is created to access Smalltalk objects from Java, C#, etc. The presentation will be about the concepts behind the integration and how objects are being accessed from other platforms and languages.


Thomas Stalzer has been working with Smalltalk since 21 years. During these years the VASER application frameworks have been developed. The framework is being used in a wide variety of applications. Using these frameworks, he started the development of VASERControl which is now being used as an integration and automation platform in various complex building scenarios.