Stampy - SmallTAlk Mail Program Yet again

Martin Kobetic


Stampy is a mail client written in VisualWorks. It has a semi-automated back-end built on top of VisualWorks' NetClient libraries. Currently existing front-ends include a native UI built on top of the existing FileBrowser and a simple Seaside front-end allowing to check new mail remotely. Martin has been using Stampy as his sole mail client for almost three years now, managing a mail archive that currently contains almost 200k messages with 1/2 GB of total size. Besides being an excellent testing ground for the underlying libraries it also helps directing attention to pragmatic issues based on real life email traffic. This talk will demonstrate the application and discuss challenges of email handling in general and interesting aspects of this implementation and underlying libraries in particular.


Martin Kobetic is a member of Cincom Smalltalk development team working primarily on various networking frameworks and the security library.