Squeak and Etoys Community Update

Bert Freudenberg

Slides (project requires Etoys)


Many exciting things happened around Squeak recently: The license-clean 4.0 release allowed the project to join the Software Freedom Conservancy, a new community process encouraged many new contributions and resulted in an awesome 4.1 release, a similar process is now used to maintain Etoys at Squeakland, etc. This talk will present the developments in Squeak over the last year, discuss the major highlights in terms of both features as well as process developments, and give an outlook on ongoing developments over the next year and towards the next Squeak and Etoys releases.


Bert Freudenberg is a freelancing Smalltalk developer based in Magdeburg, Germany. His main client nowadays is Alan Kay's Viewpoints Research Institute, which is working towards "reinventing personal computing". Bert started with Smalltalk in 1995. After getting his PhD in computer graphics, he worked at impara (makers of the ESUG innovation award winning "Plopp"). Bert has been a long-time Squeak contributor, and is a member of the community-elected Squeak Oversight Board since 2006. In his spare time, Bert maintains Squeakland's Etoys, in particular for the "One Laptop per Child" machine, which with 1 million installations is one of the largest Smalltalk deployment in existence.


Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd4By9TYoZQ