Object Oriented SCM - Beyond Files

Hernan Wilkinson & Jorge Silva

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OOSCM (Object Oriented Software Configuration Management) is a tool we are developing to better support traits that are unique to object oriented development. Current SCM tools (CVS,SVN,GIT,Monticello, etc) are file based solutions, the file is the minimum versionable element, but when developing with objects files are not the elements we manage, we manage and version classes, methods, packages, etc. OOSCM will keep the history of changes of these elements (from basic changes like modifying a method to composite one like renaming a class) providing at the same time means to treat products, baselines, projects, etc. as first class versionable elements with the objective of helping team development in all its steps (programming, integration, etc). The talk will provide a description of the tool's objective, architecture and current development state


Hernan Wilkinson has graduated in Computer Sciences from "Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales" at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), located in Argentina. He has been teaching at the same university for more than fifteen years in the subjects of "Object Oriented Programming" and "Advanced Design with Objects". He’s also professor in the Software Engineer Master’s degree of the "Universidad Catolica Argentina" (UCA). He has worked as a programmer, software architect and development manager in different companies such as IBM, Banco Galicia and Mercap SRL. He is currently one of the partners at 10Pines, a company he founded with his partners with the goal to provide a "nice place to work and develop real quality software", providing at the same time teaching and consulting services based on the partners vast experience.

He has been speaker in different international congresses such as OOPSLA (Object Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications), ESUG (European Smalltalk User Group) and Smalltalks. He’s one of the founders of FAST (Fundacion Argentina de Smalltalk, The Argentinean Smalltalk Foundation), an organization dedicated to promote Smalltalk in Argentina and surrounding countries