Don't Fear the platform integration

Eli Green



The GsKit framework ( intends to provide a seamless bridge between the Objective-C / Cocoa runtime and GemStone/S. The first proof of concept application will be a traditional Smalltalk-browser which has already advanced to the point of providing class and method browsing with syntax highlighting. The presentation will include building a sample application to manage the data in the GemStone "Sushi Store" sample, showing off the programming-free bindings of Cocoa interacting with GemStone objects.


Eli Green is a software developer with over ten years' experience, very little of which is with Smalltalk. His day job involves writing business intelligence software in a bizarre mix of Python (Jython), Java and CDon't Fear the platform integration , with some JavaScript thrown in for client-facing applications. As a freelance programmer, his most recently finished contract was the Mapa Literari CatalĂ , a web site designed to promote the works of Catalan authors by showcasing locations relevant to their lives and work ( GsKit is his first attempt at any serious Smalltalk-related work although he has contributed a few (meagre) patches to the Iliad project. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, he has been living in Barcelona for the last six years.