Experiences in the Development of a Next Generation Event Planning System with Seaside

Johan Brichau



The Belgian Smalltalk startup "Inceptive" and Arts Centre "Vooruit" have created a next-generation enterprise resource planning system for event organizers and cultural centres. Its implementation in Seaside and Pharo Smalltalk gives shape to a highly interactive web application that puts the event organizers amidst an integrated suite of web-based event-planning tools. In this talk, we will demonstrate the application and focus on how Seaside and Smalltalk are ideal technologies to support such highly dynamic web applications. In particular, we will dive into several of the implementation highlights and adopted techniques, such as the jQuery-SVG integration, incremental rendering, hybrid javascript-Smalltalk components, object-oriented databases, etc. In addition, we will present spin-out libraries, experiences with test practices and lessons learned in our agile collaboration.


Johan has over 10 years of experience in Smalltalk, primarily in the development of research-oriented artefacts that focus on advanced software engineering techniques. He holds a PhD in computer science from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is a (co-)author of open-source projects in Smalltalk such as Javaconnect, Soul and IntensiVE. Johan recently started a new career and founded Inceptive.be to invest his Smalltalk experience in the creation of innovative and sustainable software solutions.