Bonding with Pango

Travis Griggs



Bonding with Pango -- This is a status report, given on the progress of binding the Pango internationalized text layout library to VisualWorks Smalltalk. Pango is a compliment library to the Cairo vector graphics library, a library Travis reported about at ESUG 2007. During this slot, we'll talk about what Pango is, some of the ins and outs of modern international text layout, our experience with building a binding to Pango, and maybe some demos of what we can currently do.


Travis Griggs, self styled "Objologist", works for Cincom Systems from his home in Walla Walla, Washington. Travis has spent 19 years using Smalltalk to make tools that make end users lives better and simpler, ranging from optical food sorting equipment to nuclear fuel design automation software. These days, he's on a mission as VisualWorks Tools/GUI Lead to continue making the Cincom Smalltalk IDE the best programming toolset around. When not overwhelmed with improving tools and graphics and all things Cincom Smalltalk, he does his best to contribute to various open source projects, some in Smalltalk, some not.