Student Volunteers program

Call for ESUG student volunteers 2010

If you're a student wanting to attend ESUG, have you considered being a student volunteer? Student volunteers help keep the conference running smoothly; in return, they have free accommodations, while still having most of the time to enjoy the conference.

Apply soon: there are a limited number of student volunteer positions available. Student volunteers will be notified by the end of June 2010.

Conference details:

Where: Barcelona, Spain When: 12 September - 17 Sept, 2010 (Saturday 11 if you want to participate to the smalltalk camp) - but ESUG will not pay the night of Saturday to Sunday What: ESUG 2010 - a gathering of industry, academia, and other Smalltalk enthusiasts.

For which period are accommodations covered? Accommodations are covered from Sunday, September 12 to Friday, September 17th (including nights from Sunday 12 to Monday 13 and from Thursday 16 to Friday 17). Students will be hosted in student rooms

Which costs are not covered? Travel costs and accommodations during Camp Smalltalk (September 11th night) preceding the conference) (unless it's necessary; contact us).

To sign up: send to and an email with the following information: First name, last name, university, an email address where you can always be reached, your university, and optionally, any special information you think is important/relevant. Your mail should be TAGGED as follow: [ESUG 2010 Student]. If you do not tagged your mail it will not be proceeded. Deadline is 15th of July.

Past duties have involved handling registration as people arrive at the conference, staffing coffee machines, collecting presentation slides for ESUG right after the presentation is given, being present at an information desk to answer questions, and generally being helpful. Student volunteering makes the conference better, take a fairly small amount of time and doesn't significantly interfere with enjoying and learning from the conference.

List of student volunteers

  • Alex Schenkman
  • Benjamin Van Ryseghem
  • Carla Florencia Griggio
  • Damien Cassou
  • Fernando Olivera
  • Gabriel Hernán Barbuto
  • Germán Leiva
  • Guillaume Delente
  • Gwenael Casaccio
  • Jan Kurš
  • Jannik Laval
  • Jean-Baptiste Arnaud
  • Johan Briglia
  • Jorge Oscar Silva
  • Marina Conde Ramos
  • Martin Dias
  • Nik Papoylias
  • Petr Spacek
  • Ricardo Moran
  • Sebastián Blanco
  • Tobias Pape
  • Tristan Bourgois
  • Valeria Rogatchevskikh
  • Veronica Uquillas Gomez