Karsten Kusche

SeaBreeze – HTML as objects: Seaside made easy

Abstract: Seaside is a great framework for developing Web Applications in Smalltalk. Instead of other webframeworks that depend on text-files, Seaside abstracts HTML to message-sends. seaBreeze takes this approach even one step further and abstracts all html-elements to objects. In the typical smalltalk motto: "everything is an object" HTML finally belongs to "everything" as well. Objects have many benifits. They can easily be modified or rearranged in any way. A graphical editor was created to modify the HTML objects as easy as possible. But objects can also be created dynamically. This makes importing or converting as easy as transforming a tree of objects.

Bio: Karsten uses Smalltalk and VisualWorks since 5 years, working at Georg Heeg eK. He is one of the developers of seaBreeze, created the tools to find the Bach Haus in Köthen and also worked on Dakar Testing during his diploma thesis. In his spare time he's an Objective-C developer writing useful little tools for Mac OS X.