When flexibility backfires

Yann Monclair


Kapital has a lot of interactions with external systems. This can be simply sending an email, or producing complex xml files, as well as consuming complex data structures. Smalltalk gives us the flexibility to handle a lot of disparity in the data, and this is a great thing for us. But other systems aren't always as flexible. Being the most flexible sometimes has its drawbacks. How can we maintain our internal flexibility and yet be strict with data while communicating with the outside world ? This talk will present the issue and offer a solution based on our experience with Kapital.


Yann has worked on JPMorgan's Kapital since February 2007. Yann is a young and enthusiastic Smalltalker. He studied Smalltalk in Brest University (UBO), and has been involved in programs like the ESUG SummerTalk and the student volunteers at Smalltalk Solutions and ESUG. After graduating from his masters, Yann worked for a few months as a research assistant with Bernard Pottier, before joining the Kapital team at JPMorgan.