Thales Smalltalk usage : PicUnit case

Vincent Verbeque, Jean-Pierre Mével, Eric Le Pors, Ludovic Bellier


Thales uses Smalltalk since few years for tools, project studies and simulators.

One of our requirements was black box testing for our software components. We wanted a flexible and productive model driven tool. Another need was to observe a given situation (observability), stimulate its inputs and analyze its outputs.

All these needs have led us to create in Smalltalk the PicUnit tool which is based on the architecture of our software components. This distributed architecture uses a data persistence layer (DOS) and a service layer (DSS with Corba). Thus PicUnit interfaces with our software components and can even replace some of them.

So we use Smalltalk for datamodel and services code generation, writing tests with the SUnit framework and its productive IDE.


Thales is an electronics company for the aerospace, space, defense, security and transportation markets. The Brest site is specialized in Electronic warfare (EW) and Maritime patrol systems (MPA). Our entity in Brest, named CES, designs the software part of warfare command and control systems (C2) for aircrafts and naval vessels. Thales/DAE/TSA/RWS/CES/RTM/ DA & SF