Project Planning

Tim Mackinnon


Smalltalk is synonymous with the invention and refinement of many techniques and technologies - unit testing, refactoring, vm's, and project planning.

Planning? While not the most glamorous, it's the secret to a successful project - however as developers we HATE it.

This session will review, clarify and myth-bust some of the techniques described by Scrum and XP. More importantly, I will present what new ideas have surfaced around successful teams and the way they plan (Kanban, Fishbowl, Poker). Planning doesn't have to be tedious and boring, it can be rapid and useful.

Hopefully, this session won't bore you, it may even save your project or at the very least you can supplement your income by BS'ing your way into agile consulting.


Tim Mackinnon is an early pioneer of agile development, with contributions including: Mock Objects, Gold Cards, Heartbeat retrospectives and Futurespectives. He works with numerous organisations, developing, teaching and mentoring teams in effective agile methods. Tim is also the founder of Iterex Ltd, a company specialising in Agile mentoring, training and development. He is the creator of the Iterex Planning Cards software (written in Dolphin Smalltalk) and the iPhone ReDo application.