Just-in-time resourcing

Niall Ross


Just-in-time resourcing: fast, flexible testing with SUnit and friends

In the beginning was basic SUnit: just 3 classes. Then a fourth, TestResource, was added, for use when your tests became slow. However it was not always clear how to use TestResource and misuse could create problems of its own. Switching code from test to resource was not as easy as it could have been. Niall will present the robust SUnit 3.2 implementation of resources, with examples.

The talk will also cover some other SUnit topics:

  • Basic SUnit did not handle tests that spawned subthreads. Niall will briefly reprise his StS talk on the SUnit add-on that handles this.
  • SUnit tools and variants have appeared: Niall will look at some VW and VA tools, and how to combine using them with using basic SUnit.