Advanced Seaside

<img src="" style="float: right" width="150" height="150" alt="Seaside"> This three-hour tutorial will introduce participants to some lesser-known areas of Seaside and highlight some new features in Seaside 2.9 . Everyone will have a chance to put their new knowledge into practice.

Some topics that will be covered:

  • Creating RESTful URLs
  • Handling HTTP requests without an Application
  • jQuery and jQueryUI
  • Pair-programming challenge

Make sure to bring your laptop. A one-click image will be provided at the beginning of the workshop.

Note: This is not an introduction to Seaside. Participants are expected to have at least a basic understanding of Seaside and be familiar with using components, rendering with the canvas API, etc.

About your Hosts

Julian Fitzell is the co-creator of the Seaside framework. He is currently working as an independent consultant, providing Seaside and Smalltalk experience and training. Julian has contributed to numerous other open-source projects including Monticello, the Mantis bug tracker, and Dovecot mail server. Over the past 18 months, he has lived in China and Germany as well as his original hometown: Vancouver, Canada.

Lukas Renggli is an independent software engineering consultant. He has been using Smalltalk in industrial settings for more than 7 years. Lukas Renggli is a core developer of the Seaside web application framework. He is the author of several Smalltalk frameworks, such as the metamodeling tool Magritte and the award winning content management system Pier. Lukas Renggli is currently doing a PhD at the Software Composition Group, University of Bern, Switzerland.