From Print Design to Web Design

"Using Smalltalk to Connect both Worlds"


The discrepancy between a brochure printed on paper and a web page sometimes is enormous. If you look at a web page implemented in HTML, you most likely see text in one serif or one sans-serif font, other fonts are mostly absent. Because designers do not use HTML to create their work, the arrangement of elements sometimes is lacking the perfection seen in printed brochures and handouts. So how can this kind of perfection be transferred or translated to web pages? Because designers are using InDesign(R), a tool from Adobe, we came up with a converter implemented in VisualWorks and seabreeze. Using exported data from InDesign, we translate a project into a set of HTML pages and accompanying picture files. This way, a designer can create web pages with a perfect layout, but without knowing anything about HTML.


Roland Wagener is with since 1990. He is certified trainer for VisualWorks and GemStone, and has been on consulting projects since 2000. Of course he participated in the seaBreeze project, and participated in the development of the converter. He is one of the registered managers of Georg Heeg e.K.