Deltastreams: Changesets on steroids

<b>Presentation and demo of Deltastreams, a new tool under development for source code management.</b>

<b>Abstract:</b> <p> Deltastreams is a project to create a new base mechanism for Smalltalk source code management. The project was started 2 years ago and has been dormant for some time but is now again picking up interest. At the core of Deltastreams is the Delta - a smarter, more fine granular and fully revertable "Changeset".

The goal is to give us a modern alternative to Changesets, full "undo", Quilt-like mechanisms using queues of Deltas and out-of-context cherry picking of patches. The presentation will explain the concepts, show code and demonstrate Deltastreams at its current state. </p>

<b>Bio:</b> <p> I have been hacking Smalltalk since 1994 and got active in the Squeak community around 1999 in which I primarily have contributed to networking layers, web application areas and also created SqueakMap. Squeak is my primary Smalltalk platform but I have also worked in VW, VA, Gemstone and Dolphin.

Having worked as a software development consultant since 1994, in several consultant firms and in various domains, I am now a group manager at <a href="">MSC</a> leading the Open Solutions group focused on open source technology and broad technical knowledge. I often end up spending my daytime in curly brace land, my current task is helping a client build an open source C# library for using CouchDB called Divan. </p>