Cloudfork - flying into the Cloud with Smalltalk

The Cloudfork open-source project is a joined work of Jan van de Sandt and Ernest Micklei that provides Smalltalk tools and libraries to support the concept of Cloud Computing. This talk will highlight some of its interfaces, their typical use case and some additional frameworks. Furthermore, we will present results of experiments that demonstrate the combination of Smalltalk and virtual unlimited computing power and storage.

We blog on . Source code is available at (Squeak) (VA Smalltalk) and the Cincom Public Repository.

Bio: Ernest Micklei and Jan van de Sandt have been Smalltalking since ObjectWorks 2.3 and Digitalk/V, 17 years by now. Since that time, we have been working on insurance projects that are still in production today. However, we both turned over to the Enterpricy side and worked on many projects in Java. After doing some Ruby & Rails work and playing with Seaside last year, we found our lost enthousiasm for the language and re-entered the Smalltalk community.