WideStrings and utf-8

What's the connection between WideStrings and utf-8 anyway? by Philippe Marshall

Character sets, encodings and WideStrings are areas with spotty knowledge to many Smalltalk developers. As a result getting "foreign" characters to work correctly in Seaside applications often turns into a trial and error exercise.

This talk will first introduce will first introduce character sets, encodings and how they are supported in Squeak. Then it will show how Seaside handles these concepts, what Seaside expects from users and what users can expect from Seaside. The talk will be Squeak specific but the concepts can easily be applied to any dialect of Smalltalk.

Bio: Philippe Marschall works as a software engineer for Netcetera. He holds a masters degree in computer science (Univ. Bern). Philippe is a core developer of the Seaside web framework.