Using Smalltalk for a Heat Control System

by Alfred Wullschleger

Typically, commercially available Heat Control Systems use temperature hysterisis for the control of a heating system. I show an example of a heat flow controled system based on USB-Data Acquisition hardware and self-made sensor- and actor-hardware.

The control is fully done in VisualWorks, which gives phantastic flexibility for reaching nice control behavior. For testing the whole system, a simulator has been developed which helped a lot, avoiding bad problems when starting with the real heating. The simulator in action and some photos will be shown, to give a feeling of the whole endeavor.

Bio: Alfred has been developing Smalltalk based software during the last 16 years in banking and public service environments. Having retired recently, he now has time to also think about physics and electronics in combination with the best software environment he knows of: Smalltalk.