Squeak NOS by Gerardo Richarte Inspired by Dan Ingalls words "An operating system is a collection of things that don't fit into a language. There shouldn't be one.", and after feeling the urge to never leave the Squeak environment, we dreamed of a pure Squeak [no] operating system. We were not sure if it was possible or not, but we anyway jumped, head first, into making it real. We didn't succeed yet, but we came further than what we thought possible, and we still hope to go even further! In this talks we'll show you what we did and how we did it, we'll go through the code and startup process of a SqueakNOS system, dream of possible future directions, and show a live demo, both of the system itself, and of how different the process of coding a "device driver" is when you can inspect and interact with live objects.

Gerardo "richie" Richarte started Smalltalking and Squeaking in 1998 at Leandro Caniglia's MathMorphs class, where he was one of the main creators and imple- mentors of the MorphicWrappers, as well as some other MathMorphs components. In the early days of Squeak he was an active member of the list, where he contributed a few bits of code. Being a member of the original 2001 SqueakNOS team, he awakened the project almost 5 years latter to bring it back its second incarnation. Today, he's still unofficially Squeaking and Smalltalking, and spending a bigportion of his time reading and writing assembly and other low level stuff.