Smalltalk standards - an update

by Bruce Badger

This is an update on the work going on to revive the Smalltalk standardisation project. This will be a brief talk giving contact information, showing those currently involved and summarising the work covered so far and that which is planned.

Bio: Bruce is an enthusiastic technologist and the Founder of, a global non-profit association of professional individuals. His strong technical leadership skills have contributed to his success of a wide range of IT projects, over a period of more than 25 years. He has built and deployed numerous Smalltalk systems and libraries over the past 10 years, preferring to develop software using Smalltalk, a pure Object Oriented language. Bruce is currently focusing on OpenSkills and the evolution of the services market as Free and Open Source software is increasingly adopted. Many of the libraries Bruce has worked on are available under open source licenses. These include the PostgreSQL library, the Hyper HTTP library, the SPDF PDF library and the Sport Smalltalk portability interface.