Magritte Blitz

by Lukas Renggli

Magritte is a recursive meta-model to describe objects. The framework closely integrates into the reflective meta-model of Smalltalk. Providing an adaptive model enables not only developer, but also let end user build their own meta-models on the fly. Magritte allows one to easily instantiate views, editors, validators, parsers, object-factories, and mapping-tools on any meta-described object. The possibilites are endless. Describe once, get everywhere!

Lukas Renggli will give a short overview to make sure that the discussions in the following panel will have enough context.

Bio: Lukas Renggli is an independent software engineering consultant. He has been using Smalltalk in industrial settings for more than 6 years. Lukas Renggli is a core developer of the Seaside web application framework. He is the author of several Smalltalk frameworks, such as the metamodeling tool Magritte and the award winning content management system Pier. Lukas Renggli is currently doing a PhD at the Software Composition Group, University of Bern, Switzerland.