MBA Smalltalk: to manage your objects

by Mathieu van Echtelt

Frameworks, components, MDA, DSL, 4GL, Etoys, etc; many names for the same thing: abstracting away unnecessary complexity. Less complexity makes software developers more productive and lowers the entry barrier to become a happy software developer.

In this presentation I'll report our experiences about being more productive and having more fun while developing, operating and maintaining business administration systems.

The heart of our proven solution is code generation based upon "business model descriptions". This generated code, manages the integrity of the system in many ways. Dedicated tools help us build-, deploy- and monitor of our systems in a more controllable way. The businessmodel descriptions completely define the webbased front-end and the relational database back-end. With this solution we became very successful in a competitive market; more than 80 governmental institutions use our system daily.

Bio: Co-founded Cosmocows in 2000, tries to live by "Smalltalk is not a prerequisite, design principles are".