Glass hands-on

by James Foster

This hands-on tutorial will present Seaside and walk through the process of building an application using GLASS (GemStone, Linux, Apache, Seaside, and Smalltalk). Topics covered include handling user logins, where to put session data vs. application data, building reusable components, styling a web site with CSS, and an introduction to Javascript. In a few hours you will build a web site for a children's soccer team that tracks games, players, and other information. (Because we are using an object database, we will not cover object/relational mapping!) You may bring your own computer or team up with someone else who brought one. Participants with a 64-bit machine may wish to pre-install VMware Server (free for Linux or Windows) or VMware Fusion (for Macintosh) so they can use a ready-to-run appliance. Otherwise, a server will be available that can be accessed with a Squeak-based client. While familiarity with Smalltalk is a prerequisite, no prior Seaside or GemStone/S