by Adrian Kuhn

Fame is an Meta-modelling framework, with focus on models at runtime. Fame is based on FM3, a superset of a subset of EMOF. Beside runtime annotations, Fame supports code-generation, metamodel-inference and Demeter traversals. The Moose projects uses fame as the foundation of their reengineering environment and the FAMIX exchange format. Fame has recently been ported from VW to Squeak, and is also available in Java, C#, Ruby and Python.

Bio: Adrian Kuhn is a PhD student in computer science at Software Composition Group, University of Bern, Switzerland. His main research interests are programming languages and software evolution. He used to be a main developer of Moose. Recently, he got infected by the virus of creating his own, self-sustained programming language. Past work includes Chronia, a CVS visualization, and Hapax, a source code search engine.

Video: Youtube