Seaside – On not getting bogged down

by Lukas Renggli

The Seaside web application framework is taken by storm. All major Smalltalk dialects have working ports of Seaside, contributing their particular strength to the mix. While Seaside itself tires to be dialect agnostic, vendors themselves are pushing in many different directions that are potentially incompatible. How does Seaside manage the compatibility among all these dialects? How does our dream Smalltalk vendor look like? How do we package the code in Seaside 2.9? And, most important, how does the future of Seaside look like?

Bio: Lukas Renggli is an independent software engineering consultant. He has been using Smalltalk in industrial settings for more than 6 years. Lukas Renggli is a core developer of the Seaside web application framework. He is the author of several Smalltalk frameworks, such as the metamodeling tool Magritte and the award winning content management system Pier. Lukas Renggli is currently doing a PhD at the Software Composition Group, University of Bern, Switzerland.

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