Cincom Smalltalk: Present, Future & Smalltalk Advocacy

by Thomas Arden

This presentation discusses the current state of Cincom Smalltalk (VisualWorks, ObjectStudio and Web Velocity), and a roadmap of their future direction. Also discussed is why Smalltalk is becoming more important in todays market, and why we are seeing increased interest in Smalltalk, along with ideas for promoting the continuation of this trend.

Bio: Arden Thomas got started with Smalltalk in 1986, looking for better ways to do software development (he found it). He is currently a senior field application engineer at Cincom, working to help Cincom's Smalltalk customers, and to help move Smalltalk forward. He worked for ParcPlace for many years as a trainer, sales engineer, and consultant, and recently did extensive software development at Forest Investment management, which included choosing and using an application framework.