What is International Moose Coding Dojo?

A Dojo is an opportunity for people with an interest in reverse engineering, reengineering, and visualization, to come together and code cool things in Smalltalk, the best language of them all.

The goal of this Dojo is to port the Moose reverse engineering platform to Squeak. This international effort started in May at the University of Berne.

Why should you come?

You want to polish your OO skills in Smalltalk You want to learn about the Moose internals You want to see what others are doing You want to see if you cannot team with someone else to share the implementation effort

When and where is it?

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 in Amsterdam, collocated with the Camp-Smalltalk of ESUG'08.


  • St├ęphane Ducasse (RMoD Team, INRIA Lille Nord Europe, France)
  • Doru Girba (SCG, University of Bern, Switzerland)
  • Alexandre Bergel (RMoD Team, INRIA Lille Nord Europe, France)

The Dojo is promoted by the REMOOSE INRIA Associated Team between France (INRIA-Lille Nord Europe), Switzerland (University of Bern), and Canada (University of Montreal)