Aida,Scribo - a Powerful CMS at Your Fingertips

by Nicolas Petton

Aida/Scribo is a powerful open source Content Management System written on top of Aida/Web. With Aida/Scribo you can manage site content, wikis, blogs, forums and more. Aida/Scribo is very easy to use and extend, comes with a lot of plugins, leveraging the best Aida/Web features, including a complete security management, a WYSIWYG editor support, a persistence layer, a versioning support, ajaxified components (so called scriblets) and so on. The presentation will show the strengths of this new CMS, but also its simplicity and various features.

Bio: I am a computing science student at the university of Montpellier II, France. I recently joined Aida/Web development team. I'm also involved in Aida/Scribo development. I discovered Smalltalk three years ago at the university of Brest. I am very fond of Squeak, and all Smalltalk dialects.