Social event (August the 29th)

The social event will be held on top of Monte Generoso (, the mountain in the Canton of Ticino with the best views. The top (1704 m) will be reached by means of a convenient little cogwheel railway, after traveling for 40 minutes.

The social event will include:

  • The boat trips from Lugano to Capolago (and viceversa), where the cogwheel railway starts
  • The trip from Capolago to Monte Generoso and back with a private train
  • An appetizer on top of Monte Generoso
  • The dinner on top of Monte Generoso

On Monte Generoso it is possible to do several activities: from trekking to visiting caves (see for more information).

The meeting will be either at the university, in front of the main building, at 14:45, or at “La foce” (see the map) at 15:15. Please be on time, since the boat will depart at 15:30.

The program of the social event is the following:

  • (14:45) Meeting at the university in front of the main building
  • (15:15) Meeting at “La Foce” (see the map)
  • (15.30) Boat trip from Lugano to Capolago
  • (16.30) Arrival in Capolago
  • (16.49) Train trip to top of Monte Generoso
  • (17.25) Arrival on top of Monte Generoso
  • (19.00) Appetizer served on the panoramic terrace
  • (19.30) Dinner “Le Grand Buffet Monte Generoso” served in the Locanda ticinese
  • (22.15) Train trip from top of Monte Generoso to Capolago
  • (22.55) Boat trip from Capolago to Lugano
  • (24.00) Arrival in Lugano

For any question contact Marco D'Ambros at