Call for papers

International Conference on Dynamic Languages

Call for papers

15th International Smalltalk Joint Conference 2007 Lugano, Switzerland, 25-31 August 2007

Although Smalltalk is one of the oldest object-oriented programming languages, its conception and programming environment can still be considered as a design pearl and as a beacon in the realm of programming languages and programming environments. Other dynamic languages (such as Lisp, Scheme, Self,...) were similarly influential in expanding what software engineers can express with their programs. With the rising popularity of languages like Ruby, Python, Javascrip, PHP, and with the growing challenges of aspect-orientation, pervasive computing, mobile code, and context aware computing, dynamic languages are a worthy topic for further research. Therefore, ESUG decided to broaden the scope of the formerly "Smalltalk only" research track of its yearly meeting in order to enable cross-fertilization with research conducted using other dynamic languages. This way we hope to obtain more significant scientific results on various aspects of dynamicity in programming languages.

Therefore this international conference invites research papers that report on original scientific research conducted in and/or dynamic programming languages.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to

  • Language features
  • Meta and reflective programming
  • Virtual Machines
  • XP practices
  • Development tools
  • Experience reports
  • Model driven development
  • Web development
  • Team management
  • Meta-Modeling
  • Security
  • New libraries
  • New UI frameworks
  • Educational material
  • Embedded systems

Important dates:

  • Submission Deadline: Sunday 27th May, 0hrs CET.
  • Notification of acceptance: 1rst of July 2007.
  • Final Submission: 1st August 2007.


Papers (max. 25 pages, references included) should be in pdf-format and are to be submitted through a web-service located at

All accepted papers will be published as an LNCS volume by Springer Verlag.

Program Committee:

  • Noury Bouraqadi
  • Nathanael Schaerli
  • Serge Stinckwich
  • Alan Knight
  • Christophe Roche
  • Maja D'Hondt
  • Dave Thomas
  • Gilad Bracha
  • Michel Tilman
  • Tudor Girba
  • Wolfgang De Meuter
  • Laurence Tratt
  • Pascal Costanza
  • Philippe Mougin
  • Damien Pollet