International Conference on Dynamic Languages

15th International Smalltalk Joint Conference 2007 Lugano, Switzerland, 25-31 August 2007

  • The research track will be held Monday 27th afternoon.
  • Due to numerous requests, the <b>deadline for the International Conference on Dynamic Languages (ESUG2007's peer reviewed paper session) has been extended one week</b>. The submissions system at remains open until Sunday, June 3rd, 2. Papers should be in pdf-format and have a maximum of 25 pages, references included. Look at the Call for papers for more information.

Co-chairs: Jean-Fran├žois Perrot and Serge Demeyer.

Preliminary Program:


  • Change-Oriented Software Engineering Peter Ebraert
  • Encapsulating and Exploiting Change with Changeboxes Marcus Denker
  • Redesigning with Traits: the Nile Stream trait-based Library Damien Cassou

Development Tools

  • Feature Driven Browsing David Roethlisberger
  • Bridging the Gap Between Morphic Visual Programming and Smalltalk Code Noury Bouraqadi
  • Object Flow Analysis -- Taking an Object-Centric View on Dynamic Analysis Adrian Lienhard

Language Features

  • Context-Oriented Programming: Beyond Layers Martin v. Loewis
  • Forward Chaining as an Implementation Strategy for the History-based Logic Pointcut Language HALO Kris Gybels
  • Practical, Pluggable Types Marcus Denker


  • Transactional Memory for Smalltalk Lukas Renggli
  • Linguistic Symbiosis between Actors and Threads Tom Van Cutsem