Winners and Nominations

This edition, we got 11 submissions, among which 9 software where nominated. On monday 4th of september, ESUG Awards competitors gave their demos. Each conference attendee voted for his/her 3 favourite softwares. We collected 61 valid voting tickets.

Winners got their ESUG Innovation Technology Awards Diploma during the Awards Ceremony on wednesday 6th of september. And, every participant got a Smalltalk balloon. The results are the following:

1st) Plopp (Squeak)

1st prize (500 Euros)
22.99% of votes
  • Authors: Grit Schuster, Bert Freudenberg, and everybody else at Impara
  • Affiliation: impara GmbH, Listemannstr. 10, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany
  • URL: (a demo version can be provided on demand)
  • Keywords: 3D, children, product development
  • Description: plopp.pdf

2nd) Mondrian (VisualWorks)

2nd prize (300 Euros)
16.09% of votes

3rd) SqSquare (Squeak)

3rd prize (200 Euros)
14.94% of votes
  • Authors: Kazuki Minamitani, Masashi Umezawa
  • Affiliation: IPA Exploratory Software Project FY2005, Japan
  • URL:
  • Keyworkds: Collaboration software, Virtual desktop, E-learning system, Multimedia authorization, Kansas, Tweak
  • Description: SqSquare.pdf

4th) UbiquiTalk (Squeak)

<font color="red">13.22% of votes</font>

5th) Sophie (Squeak)

10.92% of votes

  • Authors: Bernd Eckardt, John McIntosh, Steven Riggins, Tim Rowledge, Michael Rueger, Bob Stein
  • Affiliation: The Institute for the Future of the Book, Impara, funded by the Mellon and MacArthur Foundations and affiliated with the University of Southern California
  • URL:
  • Keywords: Multimedia, authoring
  • Description: sophie.pdf

6th Ex eaquo)

8.05% of votes

Dakar Testing (VisualWorks)

  • Authors: Damien Cassou & Karsten Kuche
  • Affiliation: Georg Heeg eK
  • Available at: Cincom Public Store - package: Dakar Testing
  • Keywords: unit-testing, sunit, tdd, user experience, work flow, user interaction
  • Description: dakartesting.pdf

BotsInc (Squeak)

8th) SqueakBot (Squeak)

4.02% of votes

9th) Statistics on-line (VisualWorks)

1.72% of votes