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Janko Mivsek is a founder and systems architect at EraNova d.o.o. He has 6 years of experience in implementation of pure object technology in diverse fields, from Gas industry, Publishing, Logistics to Direct marketing industry. Last 4 years he actively combine an Internet and object approach to build complex, highly interactive and easy to maintain information systems.

Swazoo-Aida is a combination of Swazoo, a Camp Smalltalk made HTTP 1.1 web server and framework for web servers, and AIDA/Web, a Web server and framework for dynamic web applications. The intention of our Web Application Server group at Camp Smalltalk was to combine the best work in web server area in different Smalltalks and produce a common, open-source web server and framework for e-commerce applications, similar or better that those in Java world. Although the Swazoo-Aida is a work in progress, it is already production ready and offers session support with or without cookies, security (SSL is coming), active smalltalk pages, rich set of web elements to compose web pages and many more. It comes with ready web components such as discussion forums, search engine and news. The tutorial consists introduction to concepts and a groupwork on a small but working web application.