Pharo 1.4 Released

We are proud to announce the release 1.4 of Pharo!

You can find information about Pharo on In particular, you may be interested in:

About this release

All in all, there were over 860 issues treated in the issue tracker.

Read it again, yes 860 is huge, take two minutes and have a look at the list of improvements! Now you got a feeling for the effort. And this not our own work but the work of our community! It is possible because people worldwide helped! We want to deeply thank them.

We want to thank in particular Inria for its constant support, in particular for the salary of Igor Stasenko and for help in the infrastructure put in place.

We have accomplished this huge task for a better system because we were together. Do not forget that we are working on a consortium to support our system. Do not forget that our goal is to build a system so that we can make a living with our creativity and programming skills.

Read the Pharo vision document and join!

Thanks a lot for your participation, energy and fun.

The Pharo Team

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