HernĂ¡n Morales Durand announced BioSmalltalk:

It's been two years since I've started to work in bioinformatics with Smalltalk. It has been a difficult decision because the quality and amount of bioinformatics libraries is absolutely amazing, but I've received a lot of support from the main researchers at the Institute of Genetics where I'm working in Argentina.

Now the initial step for a BioSmalltalk release is done. I hope the FOSS community receive this pre-release as the basis for future enhacements for bioinformatics with any Smalltalk flavor. Although in the short-term it is unlikely for a BioSmalltalk to reach the users, maturity and competitive level of major Bio* toolkits (BioPerl, BioPython, BioRuby or BioJava), it could take too many years more if I continue this work alone. However, BioSmalltalk was not conceived to replace or defeat any other similar packages, but to provide to the bioinformatics community the features of a pure object system. So feel free to spread the word for all bioinformaticians, newcomers, developers, or life scientists, for helping in any way and discovering why Smalltalk is such a special environment.

This release was implemented in Pharo 1.3 custom Core, but cross Smalltalk portability was a priority. I'm working now to release versions for GemStone, Squeak and VisualWorks is there is enough interest. Everybody is welcome to contribute.

You may download a pre-compiled release from the project page:

Posted by md at 16 March 2012, 9:56 am link