[ANN] Amber 0.12.4 released

After 3 months of development, we are happy to announce the release of Amber 0.12.4.


  • Several improvements in Helios, including UI-related and debugger improvements
  • Loading Amber without cloning the repository has been simplified
  • A new documentation (in progress) can be found at

API Changes:

  • Package Canvas renamed to Web
  • Object >> try:catch: deprecated in favour of BlockClosure >> tryCatch:
+ Announcer >>
 + on:do:for:
+ Node >>
 + navigationNodeAt:ifAbsent:
+ BlockClosure >>
 + tryCatch:
+ Environment >>
 + evaluate:for:
+ AmberCli >>
 + version:
+ Object >>
 + deprecatedAPI:
- Environment >>
 - eval:on:
 - evaluateString:on:
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ESUG 2014: Call for Contributions

22st International Smalltalk Joint Conference - Call for Contributions

This call includes:

For the past 22 years, the European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) has organised the International Smalltalk Conference, a lively forum on cutting edge software technologies that attract people from both academia and industry for a whole week. The attendees are both engineers using Smalltalk in business and students and teachers using Smalltalk both for research and didactic purposes.

As every year, this year's edition of the largest European Smalltalk event will include the regular Smalltalk developers conference with renowned invited speakers, a Smalltalk camp that proves fruitful for interactions and discussions. This year will be held the 10th edition of the Innovation Technology Awards where prizes will be awarded to authors of best pieces of Smalltalk-related projects and an international workshop on Smalltalk and dynamic languages

You can support the ESUG conference in many different ways:

Sponsor the conference. New sponsoring packages are described at

  • Submit a talk, a software or a paper to one of the events. See below.
  • Attend the conference. We'd like to beat the previous record of attendance (170 people at Amsterdam 2008)!
  • Students can get free registration and hosting if they enroll into the the Student Volunteers program. See below.

Developers Forum: International Smalltalk Developers Conference

We are looking for YOUR experience on using Smalltalk. You will have 30 min for presentations and 45 min for hand-ons tutorial.

The list of topics for the normal talks and tutorials includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • XP practices, Development tools, Experience reports
  • Model driven development, Web development, Team management
  • Meta-Modeling, Security, New libraries & frameworks
  • Educational material, Embedded systems and robotics
  • SOA and Web services, Interaction with other programming languages

Teaching Pearls and Show us Your Business

  • New from last year!!!
  • We want two news types of sessions in addition to default talk and show us your projects sessions.
  • Show your business 10 min session (Get prepared!!)
  • Teaching pearls : we want some session on how to teach some design aspects. We want your tip and tricks to teach Smalltalk or OOP.

We expect to have several 10 to 15 min sessions aggregated.

How to submit?

Pay attention: the places are limited so do not wait till the last minute to apply. Prospective presenters should submit a request to Stephane.Ducasse at AND USE THE following header [ESUG 2014 Developers].

Please follow the template below the email will be automatically processed!

  Subject: [ESUG 2014 Developers] + your name
  First Name:
  Last Name:
  Email where you can always be reached:
  Type: Tutorial/Talk/Teaching Pearl

Any presentation not respecting this form will be discarded automatically

International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies

Read the page:

Technology Award Competition

The top 3 teams with the most innovative software will receive, respectively, 500 Euros, 300 Euros and 200 Euros during an awards ceremony at the conference. Developers of any Smalltalk-based software are welcome to compete.

More information at

Student Volunteer Program

If you are a student wanting to attend ESUG, have you considered being a student volunteer? Student volunteers help keep the conference running smoothly; in return, they have free accommodations, while still having most of the time to enjoy the conference. More information at

We hope to see you there and have fun together.

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2nd Visualization Contest with Roassal

ObjectProfile is happy to announce the Second Visualization Contest with Roassal:

What can I win?

  • 150 euros, sponsored by ObjectProfile
  • a über-cool ObjectProfile T-shirt and some wonderful stickers
  • maximum publicity of your work
  • a nice award certificate, delivered during ESUG

How can I win?

  • you have to produce a visualization with Roassal. You can use the Pharo, VisualWorks or VAST version of Roassal. Here are some examples of what we expect:
  • making a video is mandatory. The video will weight the most in our decision. The video could be of any length and has to include your name and say that is was made (partly or completely) with Roassal. No need to talk, just show off!
  • making your code available and easy to install will help you get more points

How can I submit?

  • send the links of your video and other material (if needed) to Every email you will send to this email will be acknowledged. If you do not receive a 'Ok' from us, it means we haven't read it, in that case send your email again after a few days.
  • the deadline for submitting is August 11, 2014

Mini FAQ?

  • Is the object-profile team allowed to participate? No
  • Should my visualization or code be open source? No need for this, whatever license is fine. However your video has to be public.
  • How can I get more information? Just comment on the facebook or using Twitter @ObjectProfile or send email to or the pharo or moose mailing list
  • What I submit two different videos? Yes, no problem with that
  • How will judge the videos? both the esug community and the object profile team. The Esug community will have 30% of the final grade, object profile the remaining 70%

Cheers, The profilers

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The aim of this 2 day conference is to bring together both researchers and practitioners that are working on software and data analysis with the MOOSE platform. MOOSE is an open-source platform since 1996 and is supported by several research groups around the world, and is increasingly adopted in industrial projects.

The MOOSEDay@UPMC 2014 conference will be a unique opportunity to exchange information and knowledge, and provide a forum for discussion of new research results, best practices and case studies.

The conference will take place at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris during June 5-6, 2014. The conference will be free.

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CfP: IWST 2014


IWST14 — International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies

Cambridge, England; August 19, 2014

Goals and scopes

The goals of the workshop is to create a forum around advances or experience in Smalltalk and to trigger discussions and exchanges of ideas. The topics of your paper can be on all aspect of Smalltalk, theoretical as well as practical. Participants are invited to submit research articles or industrial papers. This year we want to open two different tracks: one research track and one industrial track with less scientific constraints.

We expect papers of three kinds:

  • Short position papers describing emerging ideas
  • Long research papers with deeper description of experiments and of research results.
  • Industrial papers with presentation of real and innovative Smalltalk applications; this kind of paper should enlighten why Smalltalk is really appropriate for your application.

We will not enforce any length restriction.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: June 15, 2014
  • Notification deadline: July 15, 2014
  • Workshop : August 19, 2014

All accepted papers will be published in ACM DL (To be confirmed)


We welcome contributions on all aspects, theoretical as well as practical, of Smalltalk related topics such as:

  • Aspect-oriented programming,
  • Design patterns,
  • Experience reports,
  • Frameworks,
  • Implementation, new dialects or languages implemented in Smalltalk,
  • Interaction with other languages,
  • Meta-programming and Meta-modeling,
  • Tools

Best Paper Award

To encourage the submission of high-quality papers, the IWST organizing committee is very proud to announce a Best Paper Award for this edition of IWST.

We thank Lam Research Corporation for its financial contribution that makes it possible a price for the three best papers: 1000 USD for first place, 600 USD for second place and 400 USD for third place.

The ranking will be decided by the program committee during the review process. The awards will be given during the ESUG conference social event.

The Best Paper Award will take place only with a minimum of six submissions. Notice also that to be illegible, a paper must be presented at the workshop by one of the author and that the presenting author must be registered at the ESUG conference.


Both submissions and final papers must be prepared using the ACM SIGPLAN 10 point format. Templates for Word and LaTeX are available at This site also contains links to useful informations on how to write effective submissions.


All submissions must be sent via easychair:

Program chairs

  • Alain Plantec (UMR 6265 Lab-STICC, University of Brest, France)
  • Jannik Laval (Ecole des Mines de Douai, France)
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