Camp Smalltalk Portland 2015

The Pacific Northwest Smalltalk crew would like to invite you to Camp Smalltalk PDX this summer. Come join us August 21-23 in beautiful Portland, Oregon!

We all know coding is a lot of fun, and that the best coding is done with the delete key. Accordingly, Camp Smalltalk PDX will be at Portland’s CTRL-H hackerspace,

There is no set schedule, but of course we all have strong interests. Some of the areas that will surely be covered include:

  • Smalltalk on small devices, such as Scratch on Raspberry PI
  • Web frameworks such as Seaside
  • Virtual machine implementations
  • Data processing applications
  • Language design, Smalltalk and beyond

If you are curious about Smalltalk, feel free to drop by and give Smalltalk a try.

And yes, there are also the well known regulars --- we all know who you are :). It’s time to catch up and plot inventing our future. Feel free to contact us directly if you have questions regarding travel or accommodations. Also, if you know you will be coming and you haven’t completed our survey yet, doing so will help us coordinate the infrastructure around the event: **. For event information, see *here: >* See you in Portland!

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ESUG'15 registration is open

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 23rd ESUG Conference in Brescia, Italy is now open!

To register, please proceed to the website or go directly to

Note: Fill carefully your registration because you will receive an automatically generated invoice by email.

Important: do not forget to book your accommodation directly at one of the hotels in Brescia. See:

See you all @ Brescia,

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[ESUG'15] Last call for student volunteers

You are a student? You want to attend a nice conference but don't have money to afford it? Please apply to the student volunteer program:

This is the last call, so please apply as soon as possible!

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Pharo 4.0 Released

Pharo 4.0 is here!

Many things have changed in Pharo. Here are some highlights:

  • Inspector/Playground/Spotter are new moldable development tools for inspecting, coding and searching objects.
  • Slots model instance variables as first class entities and enable meta-programming on this level.
  • ShoreLine reporter introduces a way to report system errors and collect statistics, that we will use for future improvements
  • Dark theme.

These are just the more prominent highlights, but the details are just as important. We have closed 1700 issues in Pharo 4.

Pharo is improving on many fronts, but one of the most prominent changes is the addition of moldable tools for inspection and search. These tools provide extension mechanisms that allow every object to define ways in which it can be understood effectively. To provide an idea of the impact of the already existing extensions, the map below shows the Pharo classes grouped in packages, highlighting in red those parts of the system that have at least one such custom view coming with the main distribution. The spread of these extensions shows that moldability is powerful mechanism that can be used in many contexts.

We thank all the contributors of this release:

Clara Allende, Jean-Baptiste Arnaud, Jean-Christophe Bach, Philippe Back, Clement Bera, Alexandre Bergel, Torsten Bergmann, Vincent Blondeau, Noury Bouraqadi, Santiago Bragagnolo, Johan Brichau, Sven Van Caekenberghe, Damien Cassou, Nicolas Cellier, Guido Chari, Dimitris Chloupis, Andrei Chis, Ben Coman, Bernardo Contreras, Tommaso Dal Sasso, Jan Van De Sandt, Christophe Demarey, Sean DeNigris, Marcus Denker, Martin Dias, Stephane Ducasse, Stephan Eggermont, Luc Fabresse, Johan Fabry, Hilaire Fernandes, Jerome Garcia, Tudor Girba, Thierry Goubier, Jigyasa Grover, Kris Gybels, Norbert Hartl, Dale Henrichs, Pablo Herrero, Nicolai Hess, Pavel Krivanek, Juraj Kubelka, Jan Kurs, Laurent Laffont, Jannik Laval, Kevin Lanvin, Max Leske, David Lewis, Diego Lont, Esteban Lorenzano, Tim Mackinnon, Attila Magyar, Esteban Maringolo, Stefan Marr, Max Mattone, Martin Mc Clure, Eliot Miranda, Alain Plantec, Guillermo Polito, Damien Pollet, Stefan Reichhart, Mark Rizun, Udo Schneider, Ignacio Sniechowski, Henrik Sperre Johansen, Igor Stasenko, Aliaksei Syrel, Ciprian Teodorov, Camille Teruel, Sebastian Tleye, Yuriy Tymchuk, Peter Uhnak, Andres Valloud, Sven Van Caekenberghe, Thomas Vincent, Jan Vrany, Martin Walk, Richard Wettel, Dmitri Zagidulin

And all those who contributed indirectly, by reporting bugs, participating in discussion threads and providing feedback.

Pharo 4.0 is another big step. And, the best is yet to come.


The Pharo Team

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ESUG Call for Sponsors

The European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) welcome sponsors for the organization of the 23rd ESUG conference edition. Sponsoring ESUG also help us to do achieve multiple actions to support Smalltalk all over the year such as: conferences, events, summertalks, projects, research articles, publications, books, student mobility, ... More infos.

As previous years, sponsorships levels are:

  • Silver ESUG Sponsor: By paying 500€, the logo of your company/association is displayed during the ESUG conference, and you are also recognized as a sponsor on our ESUG website You are entitled to mention that you are an ESUG sponsor, and to use the ESUG logo in that context.
  • Gold ESUG Sponsor: By paying 1000€, you get all of the above, and ESUG correspondence and distributions (CD, Documentation) will feature your logo. You also get a 10% fee reduction on the ESUG events for up to 5 people of your organization.
  • Platinum ESUG Sponsor: By Paying 2000€, you get all of the above, but you get a 20% fee reduction on the ESUG events for up to 10 people of your organization.

If your company is interested, you can choose a sponsorship level, send us (at board at esugorg) information such as Organization name, VAT number, etc. and we will send you back an invoice.

Also consider that sending people to the conference is a kind of sponsoring in an indirect way.

So see you @ ESUG'15, Brescia, Italy 13-17 July 2015.

Best regards,

Luc Fabresse On behalf of ESUG board

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