[ANN] Moose 6.0

We are happy to announce version 6.0 of the Moose Suite, the platform for software and data analysis built in Pharo:


The key highlights are:

  • It is based on Pharo 5.0 including the latest version of the Glamorous Toolkit.
  • It includes the SmaCC parsing framework together with parsers and abstract syntax trees for Java, JavaScript and Swift.
  • Roassal2 comes with several enhancements.
  • Famix features a new and generic query API engine.
  • Moose Finder and GTInspector come with more custom presentations and visualizations.
  • SmaCC comes with a dedicated debugger.
  • The debuggers for Glamour, PetitParser and Announcements received a new update.
  • DeepTraverser is an order of magnitude faster.

Extra highlights:

  • Roassal2 is documented in a brand new book:
  • jdt2famix is a new open-source importer for Java:
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[ANN] Agile Visualisation Book released

Alexandre writes:

"It is a great pleasure to announce the release of Agile Visualization. Agile Visualization is a book about the Roassal Visualization engine.

Paperback, eBook (PDF), and a free HTML format chapters are available from The book has 235 pages and covers the essential aspects of Roassal. Copies of the book will be sold at ESUG’16.

Screenshots and codes contained in the book were produced on Pharo. However, most of the covered code and topics _equally_run on VisualWorks (from version 7.4 (!)).

We would like to thank all the contributors and users of Roassal who have deeply impacted and shaped Agile Visualization. The book is dedicated to the Smalltalk community at large. Big big thanks to our sponsors, Lam Research, Object Profile, and ESUG. And thanks to you for being as you are and making Smalltalk such a great platform.

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Marquette Camp Smalltalk September 15-18th

There is a Camp Smalltalk at Marquette:

"Hi! Your Camp Smalltalk crew has been at it for a while, and we are very happy to announce a Camp Smalltalk at Marquette, Michigan, on September 15-18th.

We are generously hosted by Northern Michigan University, where John Sarkela teaches Smalltalk courses. Of course, NMU is also home to the Modtalk project. You can help us provide a better experience for everyone by registering here. Don't miss the date!"

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ESUG 2016, Innovation Technology Awards

ESUG 2016, 13th Innovation Technology Awards

Have you written innovative Smalltalk? The developers of any Smalltalk-based software can enter by submitting a 3-5min video of their software. Entrants demo their systems in a session at the end of Monday August 22, 2016, after which the conference attendees vote. (A vote consists in providing a sorted list of 3 preferred pieces of software.)

The top 3 teams with the most innovative software will receive, respectively, 500 Euros, 300 Euros and 200 Euros. The results are announced in the Awards ceremony that is held during the social event.

Applicants should provide the following information on the conference registration server. Once you have registered your personal info, an 'Awards' menu allows submitting your software. You can provide this information when you first register, or login again later and update your details.

Info to provide:

  • Name of the software
  • Licence information (free, shareware, or commercial)
  • Name of the Smalltalk dialect used
  • Name, Affiliation and Country of developers

Besides, it would be great if the submission could include:

  • URL for a video (3-5 min) showing a screencast / demo of the software
  • URL for downloading the software or at least a runnable demo
  • Deadline: August 21, 2016

Any Smalltalker can apply (students, companies, ...). The presented piece of code/software should be written in Smalltalk or directly support Smalltalk (e.g. Smalltalk VM). All Smalltalk dialects are accepted. The applicant should be "strongly related" to the presented code, be it as an author, as owner of the copyright/copyleft, or as an official representative of the copyright/copyleft owner.

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IWST16 deadline extension

The deadline for IWST16 has been extended.

New Dates

  • Submission deadline: May 22th, 2016 (firm date)
  • Notification deadline: June 20th, 2016
  • Camera-ready : July 13th, 2016
  • Workshop : August 23th, 2016

For the full CfP, see here

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