[ANN] Camp Smalltalk In Raleigh NC

Instantiations is sponsoring a Camp Smalltalk In Raleigh NC the end of March.

We would like to invite you to Camp Smalltalk - RDU, March 31st – April 2nd 2017 in downtown Durham, North Carolina. Event details and registration info are available at

Hope to see you there!

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 UK Smalltalk User Group: Monday, January 30th

The first 2017 meeting of the UK Smalltalk User Group Meeting will be on Monday, January 30th.

We'll meet at our usual venue The Counting House ( at 7pm.

If you'd like to join us, you can just show up at the pub. You can also sign up in advance at the meeting's Meetup page: .

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[Pre-ANN] ESUG 2017

Planning for ESUG17 has progressed to the point where we can officially announce the Date and Location:

  • Where? Maribor, Slovenia
  • When? 4th-8th of September, 2017

More information will be on the website early 2017. We hope to see you next year!

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[ANN] VA Smalltalk V8.6.3

Dear Smalltalk User,

Instantiations is pleased to announce the availability of it's new v8.6.3 release of VA Smalltalk™. The new release can be downloaded now and includes many new features and improved functionality.

  • For more info, download the v8.6.3 data sheet (PDF) by clicking here
  • To go directly to the new release download site click here

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Brisbane Smalltalk Meetup 31 Jan 2017

There will be a Smalltalk meetup in Brisbane Jan 31:

Standing Agenda

  • Newbie Q&A - Smalltalk seems to suffer a high knowledge barrier for newbies, which is ironic considering it was developed for children. Let's ensure this is not the case with our meetup.
  • UI/UX - Discussing all techniques and technologies to make our smalltalk applications resonate with their intended users.
  • Model Patterns/Structures - How we use our model objects and how we get the most out of them.
  • Databases/Persistence - Unfortunately we can't live in the smalltalk image forever so from SQL to Gemstone/GLASS we all need to make our model objects persist.
  • Blockchain - As a community are we interested in attempting to hook a brand of smalltalk up with a blockchain.
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