Camp Smalltalk PDX --- August 21st through the 23rd

Camp Smalltalk Portland 2015 is go for August 21st through the 23rd! (and if you arrive earlier on the 20th that's cool too) Please register for the event here:

Help us by filling in the questions so you can get your event shirt. And also see that we're having a BBQ with live music on Saturday.

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[ANN] Moose 5.1

Version 5.1 of the Moose Suite has been released:


This is a minor release. The key highlights are:

  • It is based on Pharo 4.0.
  • Roassal2 comes with several new builder, most notably the new Mondrian builder (RTMondrian) and the chart drawing engine (RTGrapher).
  • GTSpotter has preview abilities and was extended for multiple search use cases including the navigation through Moose models.
  • GTPlayground was extended with sharing possibilities and transparent backup.
  • GTExample now offers support for documenting classes with example instances.
  • Moose Finder and GTInspector come with more custom presentations.
  • PetitParser has seen performance corrections and has been extended with the ability to parse whitespace languages.
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ESUG early registration deadline is June, 1st

ESUG early registration deadline is June, 1st!

Please register here

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Camp Smalltalk Portland 2015

The Pacific Northwest Smalltalk crew would like to invite you to Camp Smalltalk PDX this summer. Come join us August 21-23 in beautiful Portland, Oregon!

We all know coding is a lot of fun, and that the best coding is done with the delete key. Accordingly, Camp Smalltalk PDX will be at Portland’s CTRL-H hackerspace,

There is no set schedule, but of course we all have strong interests. Some of the areas that will surely be covered include:

  • Smalltalk on small devices, such as Scratch on Raspberry PI
  • Web frameworks such as Seaside
  • Virtual machine implementations
  • Data processing applications
  • Language design, Smalltalk and beyond

If you are curious about Smalltalk, feel free to drop by and give Smalltalk a try.

And yes, there are also the well known regulars --- we all know who you are :). It’s time to catch up and plot inventing our future. Feel free to contact us directly if you have questions regarding travel or accommodations. Also, if you know you will be coming and you haven’t completed our survey yet, doing so will help us coordinate the infrastructure around the event: **. For event information, see *here: >* See you in Portland!

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ESUG'15 registration is open

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 23rd ESUG Conference in Brescia, Italy is now open!

To register, please proceed to the website or go directly to

Note: Fill carefully your registration because you will receive an automatically generated invoice by email.

Important: do not forget to book your accommodation directly at one of the hotels in Brescia. See:

See you all @ Brescia,

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