The 2014 conference was held at Cambridge, England 18-22 August.

The European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) is a non-profit users organization that supports all kinds of Smalltalk initiatives, especially free-open source ones that benefit the whole Smalltalk community. For example ESUG does:

  • Link all users of the Smalltalk programming language and environments in Europe, individual and corporate
  • Promote the use of Smalltalk
  • Support local users groups and establish new ones
  • Support Smalltalk projects and initiatives such as the Free Seaside Hosting Server
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  • CORMAS - open sourced
    20 January 201511:39:06 am by admin
    The CORMAS modelling platform is now open-source and available under the MIT licence. CORMAS (Common-pool Resources and Multiagent Systems; Bousquet et al., 1998) has originally been developed by CI...
  • Smalltalk Reflections #006: Debugging
    7 January 20155:17:49 pm by admin
    In this episode, David and Craig talk about debugging in Smalltalk. The debugger is an essential tool and Smalltalkers use it for more than just finding and fixing bugs.
  • [ANN] Moose 5.0
    24 December 201411:40 am by admin
    We are happy to announce Moose 5.0: Description This is by far the most extensive Moose release to date. Just take a look at these two trailers: * Spotter: h...
  • Smalltalk Reflections Podcast
    19 December 20144:20:17 pm by admin
    Smalltalk Reflections is a weekly podcast discussing the Smalltalk programming language: Already 3 episodes online!
  • New Smalltalk book: Programming Smalltalk
    17 December 201410:42:42 am by admin
    A new book about Smalltalk will be released March 2015: Programming Smalltalk - Object-Orientation from the Beginning: An introduction to the principles of programming by Johannes Brauer on Amazon...

ESUG Awards 2014

GT Inspector
Andrei Chiș, Tudor Girba, Alex Syrel
Jannik Laval
Ronie Salgado

Special Awards

Promotion Award: James Robertson
25 Years of Successful Smalltalk: Georg Heeg