The 2016 conference was held at Prague, Czech Republic 22-26 August.

The European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) is a non-profit users organization that supports all kinds of Smalltalk initiatives, especially free-open source ones that benefit the whole Smalltalk community. For example ESUG does:

  • Link all users of the Smalltalk programming language and environments in Europe, individual and corporate
  • Promote the use of Smalltalk
  • Support local users groups and establish new ones
  • Support Smalltalk projects and initiatives such as the Free Seaside Hosting Server
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  • Brisbane Smalltalk Meetup 31 Jan 2017
    7 December 20161:18:56 pm by admin
    There will be a Smalltalk meetup in Brisbane Jan 31: Standing Agenda * Newbie Q&A - Smalltalk seem...
  • UK Smalltalk User Group Meetup Nov 28
    5 November 201610:58:14 am by admin
    A social gathering for Smalltalkers to get together and talk about Smalltalk (the Programming Language!). Everyone is welcome from the grizzled and experienced to the merely curious. http://www.mee...
  • Proceedings IWST16 in ACM Digital Library
    24 October 20164:11:14 pm by admin
    The Papers from the IWST16 Workshop are now available in the ACM Digital Library here:
  • Photos from ESUG 2016
    21 October 20161:21:17 pm by admin
    Here are some photos from this years ESUG 2016 in Prag: * Yuriy Tymchuk: here * Adriaan van Os: Smalltalk Events Photo Gallery: 24th ESUG Conference, Praha, 2016
  • [ANN] Zürich Smalltalk Meetup Nov 8th, 2016
    18 October 20164:46:24 pm by admin
    There are great news about the upcoming Smalltalker’s Meetup in Zürich. We’ve found a conference room for the evening and will start off with a “show us your project” session in a room with ...

ESUG Awards 2015

Aliaksei Syrel, Andrei Chiș, Tudor Girba, Juraj Kubelka and Stefan Reichhart
Noury Bouraqadi
Rewrite Tool
Markiyan Rizun

Special Awards

Promotion Award: James Robertson
25 Years of Successful Smalltalk: Georg Heeg