How to Use This Smalltalk Tutorial?

Before using this tutorial on Smalltalk programming, you need to understand its basic layout and how to use the web browser. From time to time you will see some underlined words such as this one Click me!. This means that the character is linked to another section of this tutorial or to another site. Most of these links have something to do with the character, such as its definition. The way to get back to the previous page that you were viewing before clicking on the link is to simply click on the Back button on your browser or the (back) icon at the bottom of the page.

To go back to the beginning of the Smalltalk tutorial page just click on the "Main page" icon.

Typographic Conventions

Following is a list of fonts and symbols used throughout this tutorial. Each of them denotes a special purpose to make the turorial more readable.


This is the regular text in this tutorial.
   Programs or syntax are in this font and indented.


Click on this icon to go to the tutorial contents.

The blue ball denotes a main topic.

The white ball denotes a sub-topic.

The yellow ball denotes a sub-topic of the sub-topic.

This denotes an important point or key concept.

This is an example.

Quiz or review questions.

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