Step 8: Domino Text Format (DTF)

  • Simplify the creation of domino scenes
  • Use textual format in which 1 character denotes 1 stone
  • Introduce special characters for turns and swivels
  • Use a text editor to write sequences of characters (and spaces)
  • Use a spreadsheet program to place characters in cells
  • Define class DominoTextFormatReader
@ Scene entry point (at most 1 per scene)
a..z,A..Z,0..9 Domino stone
+ 90 degrees clockwise turn (or part of)
- 90 degrees counterclockwise turn (or part of)
> 180 degrees swivel clockwise (exactly 3 in a row or column)
< 180 degrees swivel counterclockwise (exactly 3 in a row or column)
& Wide domino stone (use either in a row or column)
# Scene exit point (at least 1 per scene)